Tongue Twisters 14

  • 01. Crisp Crusts Crackle Crunchily.

    02. Betty Better Butter Brad's Bread.

    03. Red Ball, Blue Ball, Red Ball, Blue Ball.

    04. The Crow flew over the River with a Lump of Raw Liver.

    05. If You want to Buy, Buy, if You don't want to Buy, Bye Bye.

    Windows Shortcuts 04

  • Keyboard Shortcuts - Windows
    This post lists Keyboard Shortcuts that You can use with Windows Operating System

    Windows Normal Keyboard Shortcuts (With Keyboard Windows Logo Button)

    >>> Windows Logo              = Display or hide the Start menu

    >>> Windows Logo + [D]        = Display the Desktop

    >>> Windows Logo + [E]        = Open My Computer

    >>> Windows Logo + [F]        = Search for a File or a Folder

    >>> Windows Logo + [M]        = Minimize all of the Windows

    >>> Windows Logo + [L]        = Lock the Keyboard

    >>> Windows Logo + [U] Open   = Utility Manager

    >>> Windows Logo + [F1]       = Display Windows Help

    >>> Ctrl + Windows Logo + [F] = Search for computers 

    >>> Windows Logo + BREAK      = Display the System Properties dialog box

    >>> Windows Logo + SHIFT + M  = Restore the minimized Windows.

    Funny Interview Conversations 03

  • Interviewer : Any Girlfriends?

    Interviewee : Yes.

    Interviewer : Is She pretty?

    Interviewee : Not quite.

    Interviewer : Sorry, My company cannot employ You.

    Interviewee : Why? Will this affect Your Company's reputation?

    Interviewer : No, it does not affect the Company's reputation but because My Company is dealing with Arts, our company requested an Artist.

    Palindrome Lists 05

  • 01. Noon.

    02. Level.

    03. Madam.

    04. Stop pots.

    05. He did, eh?

    What Number comes inside the Circle?

  • What Number comes inside the Circle?


    Answer : "6".

    Looking at the diagram in Rows, the Central Circle Equals Half the Sum of the Numbers in the Other Circles to the Left and Right of the Centre.

    Sidney Madwed's Quote

  • Our Subconscious Minds have No Sense of Humor, play No Jokes and

    Cannot tell the difference between reality and an Imagined Thought or Image.

    What We continually think about eventually will Manifest in Our Lives.

    >>> Sidney Madwed

    Solve this Puzzles 03

  • 01. Today was 'Mrs. D's Birthday. She turned 24. 'Mrs. D' is twice as old as 'Mr. P' was when 'Mrs. D' was as old as 'Mr.P' now. How old is 'Mr.P' now?

    02. If Two Painters can complete Two Rooms in Two Hours, how many Painters would it take to do 18 Rooms in 6 Hours?

    01. 'Mr.P' is 18 Years Old.
    24 - x Years ago 'Mrs. D' was x Years Old and now She is 24.
    24 - x Years ago 'Mr.P' was x - (24 - x) years old.

    02. 6 Painters.

    Maintaining Brightness

  • A Shop is always Brightly Lit Up.

    Someone asked: “What Brand of Bulb are You using? It is so lasting”.

    The Shop Owner replied: “Our Bulbs Blew Out frequently. We replaced them once a Bulb blew out”.


    1. It is simple to maintain Brightness, change the Bulbs regularly.

    2. To Brightening up everyday life: Endeavour to abandon unwholesome states of mind and make an effort to encourage wholesome states to Grow.

    Did You Know 04

  • >>> Toilet Paper was invented in 1857.

    >>> The Oldest known Vegetable is the Pea.

    >>> Happy Birthday (the song) is Copyrighted.

    >>> Japan is the largest Exporter of Frog's Legs.

    >>> The Cigarette Lighter was invented before the Match.

    Amy Candy's Quote

  • You should always Learn, with Life comes Wisdom and
    with Wisdom comes the Courage to Live Your Life Selflessly.

    The more You Learn about Yourself and the Experiences Surrounding Your Life the more Opportunities You have to make Your Life better and more Fulfilling.

    >>> Amy Candy
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