You are reading Stupid Questions with the Smart Answers 02

Stupid Questions with the Smart Answers 02

  • Husband: You remind Me of the Sea.
    Wife   : Because I'm Wild, Romantic and Exciting?
    Husband: No, because You make Me Sick.

    Wife   : You tell a Man Something, it goes in One Ear and Comes Out of the Other.
    Husband: You tell a Woman Something,  It goes in Both Ears and Comes Out of the Mouth.

    Wife   : Mr. A says I'm Pretty. Mrs.A says I'm Ugly. What do You think, Dear?
    Husband: A bit of Both. I think You're Pretty Ugly.

    Girlfriend: ...And are You sure You Love Me and No One Else ?
    Boyfriend : Dead Sure! I checked the Whole List again Yesterday.

    Teacher: Can anybody give an example of COINCIDENCE?
    Pintu  : Teacher, My Mother and Father got Married on the Same Day and at the Same Time.


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