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How to change the Default Folder View

  • This Post explains the simplest way to make all Your Folder Views the Same.

    While using Windows Explorer, you have several different view options: Thumbnails, Tails, Icons, List, etc. 

    Instead of changing the view every time you open a folder, change the default view for all of Your File Folders.

    But, How??????????

    Follow the Simple Steps given below to Know how:-

    Step 01- Open a Folder.

    Step 02- Click the View menu.

    Step 03- Select the type of view You want (Thumbnails, Tails, Icons, List, Details etc).

    Step 04- Click the View menu again.

    Step 05- Select Arrange Icons.

    Step 06- Select the type of arrangement and if you want Auto Arrange.

    Step 07- Look at your folder view. This will be the folder view that you are going to set as your default folder view if you continue. If you are not satisfied with your choices, continue to adjust the methods of viewing and arranging. Then continue.

    Step 08- Click the Tools menu.

    Step 09- Click Folder Options.

    Step 10- Click View tab.

    Step 11- Click Apply to All Folders.


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